Domain5 Executive Spoke on the Cybersecurity Workforce

By Charles Duckett | July 12 2018

Domain5’s John Kerr made an appearance earlier this week at CompTIA's Partner Summit 2018 in Washington D.C.  John, Vice President of Commercial Operations, participated in a panel discussion focused on Cybersecurity and the Corporate Workforce.


The panel of John, Clarence Chase of Deloitte, and Kenneth Gonzalez of IBM discussed their perspectives on the necessary skillsets of cybersecurity employees in the workforce today. These points of discussion led the panel to talk about how major cybersecurity companies are responding to their workforce and what this entails for their security capabilities. 

The industry's feedback loop between employer and employee, as they discussed, has shifted priorities and demanded constant reorientation. Their insights are based upon years of tested experience that have been fruitful for the overall understanding of market employers and their prerogative to find the most competent employees. These employees will have to possess the critical skills for projects John and his fellow panelists have already seen in the past and ones they anticipate in the future.   

Domain5 is proud that our very own, John Kerr, can display his cybersecurity tact and insight with the very best the industry has to offer.  

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