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By Catherine Traini | May 30 2018

COLUMBIA, M.d. (Business Wire– May 30, 2018 – Domain5, a highly specialized provider of commercial cybersecurity services, today announced its new approach to cybersecurity that will change the way clients manage cyber risk. Launched with exclusive support from Federal Data Systems LLC (FedData), Domain5 has operated as Nobus Technical CounterIntelligence for the past six years. Newly outfitted, Domain5 will capitalize on the tremendous pedigree established by Nobus and FedData to deliver boutique cybersecurity and enterprise risk management consultancy solutions to businesses of all sizes and maturities.


“Domain5 is dedicated to helping organizations quantify, understand, and manage cyber risk,” said Domain5 Executive Vice President, Lonny Anderson. “Our team of cybersecurity experts, risk and compliance experts, and senior technologists understand that being cyber secure does not equate to zero risks. Our approach to cybersecurity analyzes and balances all aspects in which people, technology, and processes impact the cybersecurity of an organization and helps them understand and manage the acceptable level of risk that is unique to them.”


By analyzing each company’s security posture holistically, Domain5 is able to assist clients in making well-informed risk decisions in order to implement custom-scoped cybersecurity solutions. The company provides cyber risk assessments that include third-party and supply chain resources, network security assessments, penetration testing, governance, regulatory compliance and audit-readiness, as well as Risk Intelligence services for M&A and business vetting.


In addition to delivering extensive support to the Fortune 500, Domain5 is now offering competitive cybersecurity services to the small and mid-sized market in order to provide an ongoing, cost-beneficial way for these companies to leverage and learn from an expert cybersecurity team. Domain5’s exclusive CISO-as-a-Service program affords access to a dedicated, experienced CISO, to help companies manage their cyber risk efficiently by designing and executing a customized and robust cybersecurity program.


"Domain5 has the unique ability to effectively communicate highly technical cybersecurity services and findings to both technical and non-technical audiences,” said Ishan Girdhar, CEO of Privva. “The company takes pride in assuring that clients have a complete understanding of their cyber vulnerabilities and what is needed in order to reduce risk within their business.” 


Led by Mr. Anderson, who possesses 36 years of DoD and IC experience, Domain5’s executive team combines a strong military, intelligence, and commercial background with unparalleled proficiency in managing the cyber risk of Fortune 500 corporations, including top names within financial, social media, and energy sectors. Domain5’s experience across the full spectrum of cybersecurity allows the company to deliver exceptional insight, perspective, and clear solutions that keep information secure and businesses operational.

About Domain5, LLC

Domain5 is dedicated to helping businesses identify, understand, and manage cyber risk. The company’s comprehensive approach to cybersecurity prioritizes cyber resiliency and operational efficiency. By analyzing every aspect of an organization’s operations and information ecosystem, the Domain5 team of trusted advisors delivers exceptional insight and clear solutions that keep information secure and businesses working at the speed of cyber. For more information about Domain5, visit: www.domain5.com.


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