Cybersecurity Isn’t Just for Computer Scientists

By Catherine Traini | November 01 2018

Exploring Non-Technical Careers in Cybersecurity 

There are approximately one million open jobs in the cybersecurity job market alone. Empowered with the knowledge that not all of these positions require technical skills can give job seekers a leg up on their peers in this ever-evolving field. The cybersecurity job market is begging for non-technical workers to fill its ranks. Open jobs range from technical writing to crisis communications and public relations to business operations. Domain5’s Senior Vice President, Christina Majernik, emphasized this skills gap in cybersecurity during last week’s Workforce Wednesday webinar series hosted by the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) Eventbrite_Main_WebinarWednesdays

Cybersecurity companies cannot survive without diversity in skills. Companies can end up hamstringing projects otherwise robust on the technical spectrum. Thus, there is a strong need to augmenting cybersecurity teams with personnel showing strong business and communications acumen and a knack for translating high-level technical findings into a common vernacular. Cybersecurity companies are competitive, and this competition requires an edge that often can only be delivered through improving how the company itself functions. Just like any other business, cybersecurity companies have a high need for individuals adept in business operations, human resources, marketing, and more. 

From here, the door for employment is wide open as cybersecurity companies are looking for non-technical personnel to supplement their organizations and take them to the next level. To find out your best fit in cybersecurity, check out the NIST NICE Framework that maps standard of skillsets to career paths across the cybersecurity industry. These positions require various functions including identifying problems, protecting data and systems, detecting, responding and recovering from crises. There are thousands of opportunities to enter the cybersecurity industry, and we need you! 

About Domain5: 

Domain5 is committed to providing support to companies at an effective return on cybersecurity investment (ROIC). Our support extends to risk assessment of current networks, information security, compliance advise, and a part-time chief information security officer that is flexible for any business demand large or small. Domain5 indivisibly recognizes the absolute necessity of maintaining cybersecurity awareness while simultaneously compensating for effective allocation of resources in any financial situation. 


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